A Collect for Research

Creative Creator, Who electrifies the world in both awesome wonder and minute detail. Inspire me through Your Spirit as I study and produce today: So that what I need to remember will STICK–SPARK–GENERATE. And what must be left behind will be forgotten. May the things that I think–write–do, be for Your glory in the power of Christ as I work… Read more →

Together for a Meal

Together for a Meal Last week I was in Grand Rapids with other endorsed worship coaches for the CRNA when measures to flatten the curve concerning COVID-19 started to appear. We quickly agreed to suspend our agenda and break into small groups to create some resources for people who were now worshiping at home or in small groups. Adam Perez,… Read more →

Holy Water – We the Kingdom (2019)

I don’t know why this song has captured my ear recently. Maybe it’s because I’ve been living in Nashville for the last (almost) 4 years and the decisive country twang mixed with rock beats is starting to appeal to my ear. Maybe it’s the novelty of discovering this new group—I love their name; I’m a sucker for a collective descriptor: WE the… Read more →