Come, Enter, Proclaim, and Rejoice

This season of Advent is looking much different. We saw the trajectory towards Christmas and got excited as we gathered in person a little more each week. But the spike in COVID 19 cases has many churches moving back to purely online worship service. This has left congregations and individual families looking for different resources that can create connectivity despite… Read more →

Prayer Against the Noise

God, who is stillness.God, who restores calm.God, who grants peace. I feel overwhelmed by the noise both outside and inside my skin. For the times I need to ride the tumultuous waves to participate in the work of the Spirit in me, in others, in Your world–grant me strength to do so. But for the times those waves can still,… Read more →

A Collect for Research

Creative Creator, Who electrifies the world in both awesome wonder and minute detail. Inspire me through Your Spirit as I study and produce today: So that what I need to remember will STICK–SPARK–GENERATE. And what must be left behind will be forgotten. May the things that I think–write–do, be for Your glory in the power of Christ as I work… Read more →

Together for a Meal

Together for a Meal Last week I was in Grand Rapids with other endorsed worship coaches for the CRNA when measures to flatten the curve concerning COVID-19 started to appear. We quickly agreed to suspend our agenda and break into small groups to create some resources for people who were now worshiping at home or in small groups. Adam Perez,… Read more →

Holy Water – We the Kingdom (2019)

I don’t know why this song has captured my ear recently. Maybe it’s because I’ve been living in Nashville for the last (almost) 4 years and the decisive country twang mixed with rock beats is starting to appeal to my ear. Maybe it’s the novelty of discovering this new group—I love their name; I’m a sucker for a collective descriptor: WE the… Read more →

So Will I (100 Billion X)- Hillsong Worship (2017)

Hillsong, in all their varying manifestations, has provided us with more worship songs than Charles Wesley at this point (or so it seems). And just like his many hymns, some hits have made their way into our continued collective worship consciousness, songs like Shout to the Lord. Others, like like Salvation is Here, have faded from most of our memories. So when I read this… Read more →

The Call

  Every Sunday morning a call echoes out across the land. It is not audible to the naked ear, but if you pay close attention, the very rocks tremble with its noise. The evidence for this resonance soon becomes apparent as the faithful physically begin to respond. They move from their singular ordinary into a collective that seeks after the… Read more →

Scripture: Determining a Well-Balanced Spiritual Diet

What did you have for lunch last Tuesday? Honestly, it takes a lot of brain power for me to recall what I had for lunch yesterday. This doesn’t mean it wasn’t delicious or prepared with care, but rather I enjoyed it in the moment—some more than others—and walked away from it, hopefully nourished until my next meal. I often think… Read more →

Communion, Again?

The sun was streaming through the stained-glass window, coloring the bulletin as I read what was coming up in the service that day. What I saw amid the dancing rainbow caused me to sigh with an inward groan. As a kid, Communion Sunday was never my favorite, even though my mom tried to involve me by giving me a peppermint… Read more →

Great Are You Lord

Don’t let the simplicity of this song fool you, it belongs on your playlist! Although it has been covered by other groups, I love its original version done by David Leonard and Leslie Jordan in their group, All Sons & Daughters:   Why does this belong on your playlist? First, God is described as life, love, light, and hope. There is… Read more →