FullSizeRenderHey all! I’m Kat (Katrina) Olson, a PhD student at Vanderbilt University in the GraduateĀ Department of Religion specializing in the area of Homiletics and Liturgics. I’ve also been awarded a fellowship in Program in Theology and Practice which aims to form excellent scholars and professors in the area of practical theology.

I’ve been involved in worship leadership for most of my life. Starting in seventh grade, I began playing the piano regularly for my local church’s worship. From that point my relationship with the worship event has constantly grown to the point of making it my career. After earning a Bachelor of Music, I worked as a worship coordinator for a church that celebrated two weekly services: one that embraced a litany focused liturgical order and a second that was based on a praise and worship model. I worked there for nine years and in the process I returned to school and to work towards a Master of Theology in Worship and a Master of Divinity, both from Calvin Theological Seminary. Although I have left my full time position to pursue more educational training in these areas, I continue to invest where ever God calls me to work, usually in visual, musical, liturgical, and preaching ways (but I can bring a good side dish to a potluck too).

I have also completed the requirements to become a candidate for ordination in the Christian Reformed Church of North America. Having grown up in the Reformed tradition, I feel called to and rooted in that theological hermeneutic. However, I also celebrate how God works through different traditions to bring about a multidimensional gospel message. As Paul Ricoeur has noted, God’s name is polyphonic. We as worship leaders call attention to this by refusing to be boxed in by limited conceptions of how we should worship by constantly pursuing how we MIGHT worship faithfully. My greatest desire is to build upĀ the church, both through participation in worship leadership and also in training others to do the same. This is how I feel called to serve the church and ultimately the Kingdom of God!

So thank-you for visiting this web-site. My hope is that it will be a resource for a variety of people, from the curiously faithful who simply want to understand and experience worship more robustly, to those of you, blessed saints, who are charged with the weekly creation and execution of worship.

Bless the Lord, O, my soul; and all that is within me, bless God’s holy name! ~Psalm 103