So Will I (100 Billion X)- Hillsong Worship (2017)

Hillsong, in all their varying manifestations, has provided us with more worship songs than Charles Wesley at this point (or so it seems). And just like his many hymns, some hits have made their way into our continued collective worship consciousness, songs like Shout to the Lord. Others, like like Salvation is Here, have faded from most of our memories. So when I read this… Read more →

The Call

  Every Sunday morning a call echoes out across the land. It is not audible to the naked ear, but if you pay close attention, the very rocks tremble with its noise. The evidence for this resonance soon becomes apparent as the faithful physically begin to respond. They move from their singular ordinary into a collective that seeks after the… Read more →

Scripture: Determining a Well-Balanced Spiritual Diet

What did you have for lunch last Tuesday? Honestly, it takes a lot of brain power for me to recall what I had for lunch yesterday. This doesn’t mean it wasn’t delicious or prepared with care, but rather I enjoyed it in the moment—some more than others—and walked away from it, hopefully nourished until my next meal. I often think… Read more →